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When you have had so much vodka that your words slur, multiple words merge in to one and yet oddly, still make sense to those around you. This is using vodkabulary, Involving a lot of sch, shlu and ssspll sounds.

Often seen to occur a few minutes after being made to down your drink.
"Hey, I love schuperman filmsh... Shey are sho cool!"

"Dude, your vodkabulary is amazing."

"schutup! I am schober!"

by Smeep April 05, 2013
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The vocabulary that someone uses when they are drunk.

Generally involves lack of reasoning.
A:Guys I'm only like 30% tipsy.
B:You should stop
B:Stop using your vodkabulary and think!
by DepravedLily June 07, 2017
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