A human, animal, or object that has been possesed by a disembodied Kandarian demon. The inhabited host will display massive abnormalities physically, as well as supernatural abilities such as levitation and voice throwing. They also can infect another host by biting them. To dispose of a deadite one must blow their brains out with a shotgun, or dismember the host's body, always making sure to destroy the brain.
Ash quickly realized the deadite was playing dead and told Aurthur to get an axe.
by Lungs311 June 15, 2007
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undead creatures that need to be blown to hell
Yarr, a deadite
by rural July 23, 2003
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a deadite
like from evil dead
by Blade March 26, 2003
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Sam Raimi's Evil Dead films feature Bruce Campbell as Ashley (Ash) who battles undead creatures called 'deadites'. There are three films currently: Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army Of Darkness. 'Deadites' is also used to refer to fans of these films.
Ash can decapitate a deadite in seconds with his chainsaw hand.
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