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Refers to fucking a girl in any position that causes her ass cheeks to clap making a loud, distinctive, unmistakeable clapping sound.
"Bro Joey was clapping cheeks last night at Alyssa's house!"
by SloppyToppy September 22, 2015

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The state of being in an unofficial relationship, or "talking", where both individuals agree to only get with one another. In other words, a relationship without a solid title but both partners agree to commit to each other to a certain degree.
Lidia and Victor aren't going out, but they're exclusive.
by SloppyToppy April 03, 2016

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Taking a shit in someone's laptop and closing it.
"He was being a fucking douchebag so when he left I gave him a Chicago waffle as a nice surprise for when he came back."
by SloppyToppy September 20, 2015

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A party usually thrown by a high schooler/teenager without their parents' knowledge or permission. Typically thrown while parents are on vacation or gone for an extended amount of hours. Classic high school house party involves alcohol, weed, music, and people hooking up and/or having sex. Many times the house is left in a complete mess and sometimes is damaged. Very risky, as parents may find out, neighbors may complain, and cops may get called if it's wild enough - but if done right it's so worth it.
Joe's parents went to Connecticut for the weekend so he threw a house party.
by SloppyToppy September 02, 2015

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May refer to the episode of the tv show The Office of the same name or the song by the band Neck Deep. In the case of The Office, it refers to a movie one of the main characters writes. In the Neck Deep song it is believed to reference that episode of The Office but is also belived to describe and urgent situation, in the song's case one involving a relationship or love.
"It was Threat Level Midnight once he found out about her."
by SloppyToppy May 24, 2016

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(verb) To get into or tap into one's good feelings. Usually due to good music that makes you feel good or a certain positive way.
We were all high and started vibing with some good Kygo songs.
by SloppyToppy November 25, 2015

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To be both drunk and high at the same time.
"I went to that party last night and got fuckin' shmurged!"
by SloppyToppy September 23, 2015

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