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Lidia can seem mean or shy at first but once you get to know her she is usually very funny and caring. Most of the times you do not wanna mess with her cause she can really fight you with words. Lidia is brave even when others are not, she is courageous and charming at times. She also tends to have a deep connection with wildlife and the spiritual world especially since her instincts and senses are usually very strong. She always tries to lighten up your mood when you're having a bad day. She's loyal and can protect her friends and those around her. If you've ever fallen in love or are in love with a Lidia she might just be the best thing you've layed your eyes on. So if you have a Lidia in your life beware of her death stare or even her fighting you with words, but mainly don't let her go cause she's amazing and very rare.
Girl: why don't you stand up for yourself you almost always do.

Lidia: Yeah, but sometimes you have to remember that confidence is silent and insecurities are loud.
by MaidyLuv371 April 19, 2020
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-Lidia is Hot with a rocking body.

-Lidia is the most caring and incredible person in the world.

-She knows how to party and to have a good time.

-If you have a Lidia never let her go.
Lidia is amazing
by The Dangerous One69 August 07, 2012
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Lidia is the most responsible of your friends. She is very cute and makes sure you're doing well, but also doesn't tolerate any of your shit because she is a strong, collected woman. Her hair is as soft as a horse's tail, but sharp enough to slice a rose in half.

Broccoli is her favorite food, and she's so much of a badass that centuries after she's ascended to Heaven, her devotees will still be placing bowls of broccoli at the foot of her tomb.

She is so divine, you need to learn the Cyrillic alphabet before even uttering her name, and insulting her is punishable by death in every country on Earth.
Miguel: Do you know Lidia?
Ahmed: I think you meant to say Лидия, right Miguel?
by polyglotjew November 19, 2016
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Lidia: A sweet, caring person. it's hard to find someone nicer than her. she's a little insecure about her toenails. She's cute, has a nice body, short, awesome personality, smart, did i say cute i meant gorgeous!! She doesn't cheat.
person 1: "hey did you just help Carlos with his Homework?"
person 2: "Yeah"
person 1: "OMG You are so nice you just pulled a Lidia"
by TeamYolo July 27, 2014
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-attractive in a graceful or delicate way
-Characterized by sharp quick thought; bright
Lang Lui (Pretty GurL)
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
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1. Unusual yet creative specimen, usually of Mexican or Polish descent
2. One who enjoys lying on floor covered with Smartfood Popcorn
3. Uncontrollable appetite
While trying to hijack the moving train, Lidia threw a perogie at the conductor and ran off with the booty.
by ~Lidia~ January 19, 2009
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