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1. Software contained in a read-only memory (ROM) device. 2. <i> geek-speak </i> The personality traits that are a little bit difficult to change (requiring brainwashing, hypnosis, or the companionship of a woman).
My cellphone needed a firmware upgrade for my girlfriend to be able to break through my call-waiting whenever she wanted.
by slickwilly June 08, 2005

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A woman that looks good at an average distance of forty yards, but upon closer inspection wouldnt get fucked by any self-respecting man. See also It.
"Holy shit! I thought she was hot, but it's a forty yard fake out."
by SlickWilly January 17, 2004

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Slang coming from world of medicine and drugs, referring to a collection of new fangled technology and ways to do old fangled things.
proteomics (separate, identify, and measure proteins); genomics (analyze genes); metabonomics (study metabolism). Spread is inevitable: environomics, garbagomics, travelomics. Variants: -omic, -omics
by slickwilly March 07, 2005

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where the pimps play
yo pimp you hittin the stroll tonight
by slickwilly July 19, 2003

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Verb transitive. To guess but with greater confidence and less foundation. To speculate omnisciently. Obviously reverse-derived from the adjective "intuitive".
My wife has intuited the second wave of UFOs in lock step with the tides.
by slickwilly March 07, 2005

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a unit of measure for those cooks and bartenders who eschew graduated cylinders, analytical balances, etc. Rosetta: 1 glug of olive oil = ~2 tablespoons.
Hot wok / cold oil is an ideal best realized by adding the vegetables to a roaring hot wok first and immediately following with a couple glugs of oil.
by slickwilly November 29, 2007

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Ugly ass woman. See also forty yard fake out.
no example given
by SlickWilly January 17, 2004

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