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Me and Laquanda was at the A&P buyin some weave and dem Dipshits In Blue arrested the wrong bitches who stole my knockoff Babyphat purse
by Skylarskank June 15, 2008
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A pretty good cartoon not unlike South Park. it is was what we would compare to family guy and american dad. it was about a family hit with toxic waste. very funny but was cancelled years ago
the oblongs makes my mouth do a smiley face
by Skylarskank June 26, 2008
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Old saying meaning basically "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" It is slightly different because it is geared more toward parents who think their children can do wrong yet they are major bitches just like their children are being accused of behaving.
person 1:Jessicas mom yelled at my mom for telling her to stop sleeping around.

person 2: Isn't her mom the one that had a threesome with the mail men?

person 1: Well the proof is in the pudding
by Skylarskank June 24, 2008
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official term for when one or both of a persons kidneys fail.
Susan went into renal failure
by Skylarskank June 26, 2008
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to erase completely from your memory
His goal was to obliterate the memories
by Skylarskank July 11, 2008
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After you get to the work place or school when you go to the bathroom in the morning to look at yourself in the mirror to make sure you look good
Courtney: What do we do everyday?

Marcy: Pre-launch Touch Ups?
by Skylarskank August 4, 2008
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raging cunt bitch sent from hell! usually a friend you love to hate or a stepmom
Ehmagawd! Kemmy is being such a fucking cunt rage today!
by Skylarskank June 15, 2008
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