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A pretty good cartoon not unlike South Park. it is was what we would compare to family guy and american dad. it was about a family hit with toxic waste. very funny but was cancelled years ago
the oblongs makes my mouth do a smiley face
by Skylarskank June 26, 2008
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Old saying meaning basically "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" It is slightly different because it is geared more toward parents who think their children can do wrong yet they are major bitches just like their children are being accused of behaving.
person 1:Jessicas mom yelled at my mom for telling her to stop sleeping around.

person 2: Isn't her mom the one that had a threesome with the mail men?

person 1: Well the proof is in the pudding
by Skylarskank June 24, 2008
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Although she was a troubled person, she is dead and should be treated with respect. You should always treat the dead with respect. It shows the big man upstairs you understand life. Now all you jerks who wrote terrible things about her can think about that.
Rest in peace Anna Nicole Smith
by Skylarskank June 19, 2008
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A one armed coach. The name "fainting couch" originated in the 1920's when women wore their corsets so tight that they would faint due to loss of oxygen to the brain
Loraine, move out of the way. I'm light headed. I need the fainting couch
by Skylarskank July 11, 2008
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raging cunt bitch sent from hell! usually a friend you love to hate or a stepmom
Ehmagawd! Kemmy is being such a fucking cunt rage today!
by Skylarskank June 15, 2008
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official term for when one or both of a persons kidneys fail.
Susan went into renal failure
by Skylarskank June 26, 2008
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revolutionary musical device created in the late 1980s that not only keeps the beat in songs but creates the actual music. Kelis references it in her song Bossy " We gon' keep it poppin while the 808 is jumpin" most of Mariah Careys "Emancipation of MiMi was created using a Roland TR-808
We dropped some sick beats with my Roland TR-808
by Skylarskank June 15, 2008
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