1. The act of freeing oneself from the custody of his/her parents or legal guardian and, thus, making the transition to most aspects of adult life.
2. To be relieved of overlying control
3. What would occur if a minor were to get married, join the armed forces or military, or if the minor went to court and got approval to be emancipated
Ryan got married at a ripe age of 16, but forgot that he had become emancipated from his parents as his pleads for them to support the marriage financially were utterly rejected.
by Mac11 October 5, 2004
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the art of having sex with a girl, punching her in the head, then blow your load on her face.Then procede to cut off your pubes and put them on her face so she resmbles Abe Lincoln. Then keep it real and tie her up for the night. When she wakes up in the morning, you cut the cords and emanciapte her.
Four Whores and Twenty Beer ago, I took a random skank home from the club. For some reason during sex she began to speak of the ills of slavery. Since she sounded so much like Abe Lincoln, I had to punch her in the head, blow my load on her face proper, cut off my pubes and put them on her face so she resembled the 16th president. I then tied her up for the night. In the morning she awoke dumbfounded. I told her I was The Emancipator and cut her cords and set her free. She had tears in her eyes and said God Bless you Abe lincoln
by Jeff Dailey August 25, 2007
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free yourself
Emancipate youselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.

bob marley....
by ggaarryy September 2, 2010
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Emancipator escaped from the Underground Railroad Chain Gang in the 11th century. He invented the hot air balloon, with which he chartered the Amazon River. He invented wine.

Emancipator found the formula for the crystallization of ice during a quiet Japanese winter. He perfected the art of agriculture. He can climb trees faster than you.

Emancipator bleeds ambrosia. He discovered Iceland. He can breathe underwater.

Emancipator lives in a fortress made of moon rock. His presence attracts songbirds. He can recite all the digits of pi.
by Roc18 December 22, 2009
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To free, liberate.The emancipation Proclamation? I don't listen to rap.
Source: Larstait, Nov 14, 2003

Chef: Have you ever heard the emancipation proclomation?
General: I don't listen to hip hop.
by Dame August 25, 2005
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