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Disorientated is one of the most common misspellings of disoriented. And it sounds really nasty and uneducated.
Pete: "I was so disorientated!"
Nelly: "You mean, disoriented!"
by Shulian February 15, 2010
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Something that isn't a word but which you may hear from the lowest, most unintelligent, least educated, morons on this Earth.

Usually spoken by the same morons who also use the non-existent words: somethink and disorientated.
Man: "Hey! Has any of youse got a smoke?"
Woman: "I love youse guys!"

Ergh! I hate hearing 'youse!'
by Shulian February 15, 2010
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Heard from the biggest morons you will ever come across.

It is supposed to mean _something_, I think.

Brought to you from the same morons who say, youse, and disorientated.
I will never get why people say 'somethink'.
by Shulian February 15, 2010
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