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(noun) UW for short. A large collection of nerds big enough to promote misleading facts about the actual intelligence of the average person belonging to that collection.
Kevin: I'm going to study math at the University of Waterloo after I graduate high school because it's renowned for its math program.

Jake: Being a nerd doesn't mean you're intelligent Kevin!
by Shittalker February 10, 2010

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(verb) To be yorked is reminiscent of being jacked, dooped, taken for your money, ripped off or jerked around.

(adj) Yorky. When somethign is yorky it means it's chinsey, sketchy, shady or looks/sounds.seems like a rip off. Not to be confused with Yorkie - a York U student.

The word partly originated from the poor academic image associated with York University and a steep financial price you pay for your education there and party from the institution's seemingly random yet systematic ability to screw over its students while denying any involvement and offering no help.

York has a business-first attitude and puts students along with their education last. It mass produces students like McDonald's does BigMacs, with the same intrinsic value.
Kevin: Dude, I just saw this movie and got totally yorked!

Jake: Dude, Why would you see it? You yourself even said that the trailer looked yorky.
by Shittalker February 10, 2010

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(noun) A sketchy looking old guy that usually sits in the corer of a every pub where it's least lit and most shady.
Kevin: Dude, lets grab that table over there!

Jake: No way dude, its right beside that corner creeper in the red hat and shades.
by Shittalker February 13, 2010

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1. The act of your turd going down the drainpipe aka. take a dump.

2. To smoke a tiny bud of weed from a pipe. Usually for the purpose of quickly getting a little blitzed before the task at hand.
Kevin: Dude, where did you go? The movie already started!

Jake: I had to pipe a nug cuz you blazed without me dude.

Kevin: Oh. Seemed like you were gone for long...

Jake: Haha, I also swung by the washrooms quickly to pipe a nug too.
by Shittalker February 10, 2010

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