Always looking for a bargain. Will sacrifice quality for quantity. Can be used to describe a cheap looking item, or a cheap person. e.g. chintzy suit (badly made for example)
Jim: i'll sell you this suit for 50 bucks!
Dan: dude... dont be a chinsey bastard! thats only worth a couple dollars!

in this example we learn that jim is a chintz (adj. form of chinsey)
by x_hotpink January 3, 2005
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(Chin-see) adj. tacky, stereotypical, or cheap
That song had a chinsey beat.
by gunnypen July 13, 2018
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1. Small Male Genitalia

2. To be cheap, not pay your share

3. Homosexual haircut
Nice Chinsey your sporting there, did your mum cut that?
by HunkyMonkey1 April 25, 2011
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to be a cheap bitch
that bag of weed was short dont be a chinsey skunt
by derek m420 March 1, 2008
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Cheap, not willing to spend money
Me: can I get a large fries?
Friend: no, get the regular
Me: come on you're too chinsey!
by QueenKoopa November 23, 2021
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cheap, MONEY-less arogant dick. . . job-less, livin' off others. . .jacks off way to much. . .
Hey babe, can u float me a 50? 'What a chinsey dick...time to move on from this broke ass!!! "For Sure, girl"
by January 30, 2022
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