A drug commonly used among ravers and anyone that wants a good high. Its based off MDMD but the exact ingredients are not always clear. Depending where the dealer scores his pills it could have any drug base. Thizz is another word for Esctasy. Esctasy has different intensities, for example they have 5 different pills. single stack, double stack, triple stack, quad stack and the harest one a multi stack. Single has one stack of whatever drug base it is (heroin,meth,pure MDMA). Double has two and so on.
by casket capsul January 27, 2010
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A drug that makes everything seem great. It is used at raves and by neohippies,goths and gothic hippies. It is a great drug especially if you can't find any joy in life any other way.
Got any more esctasy?
by Deep blue 2012 March 28, 2010
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