I drove down to Welland the other day for a two-four of Ol Vienna and got cut off by some asshole on a scooter
by Homicidal toddler September 28, 2019
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Home of Crazy Pat, the Lincoln Street Beer store, The greatest bar ever; the elbow room and people riding bikes with twofours.
Person 1:Let's go get drunk!
Person 2:Ok, let's hit up the Elbow Room in Welland.
Person 1: Yeah, I like that bar way too much.
by waytoomuchmcgee May 16, 2009
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A drug city found in Ontario, Canada. Welland has the second highest drugs per person in North America behind Los Angelos.
I need some beans, let's go to Welland, they're only $5 a pill there.
by Shawn Maglicic September 20, 2005
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The Kansas of Canada.
Boy 1: "Hey, wanna drive down to Welland for the weekend?"
Boy 2: "Fuck no Welland sucks."
by getsick August 23, 2008
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a place in Ontario Canada in the Niagara region where a bunch of old people, snobs and druggies live with few decent people
i cant wait to get outta Welland
by Black Soul January 4, 2015
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Joe: Hey, lets leave your car here at the seaway and walk to the party
Tom: Fuck no, I'm not leaving my car in welland
by thissucksletsgogetdrunk October 17, 2009
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The home of the best drinkers in all of Niagara and most of the GTA. Mainly because there's nothing else to do. Cheers.
Wanna hangout tonight?
Sure, Let me stop at the beer store on the way to Welland.
by proudwellander October 27, 2013
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