109 definitions by Shane

Jimmy got caught schnogging with Janet behind the bleachers.
by Shane April 01, 2004
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A girl from Irvin who likes to have sex with one guy in one day, and then when he goes off to work, she fucks every living thing with a cock. Including all her boyfriends friends.
Colleen is such a scoche, I swear she humped on all my friends after smoking my pole two hours earlier.
by Shane December 10, 2004
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A slang term for scrimmage. Often used in the Counter-Strike subculture; moreso under the influence of marijuana.
I'm so stizzied, let's scrizzy.
by Shane October 25, 2003
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1. To fasten, or hold down

2. To protect
1. I like my hands secured to the bed durring sex

2. Secure the fort!
by Shane February 13, 2004
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Same as Indoor Sledding except that the woman keeps her pants on.
Outdoor Sledding satisfied her alright.
by Shane November 13, 2003
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To describe something or someone that has been beating in anyway. Whenever someone is subject to humilation.
Whoa, D00D, you got owned. This is after he or she has had something happen to him or her that is not good.
by Shane August 08, 2003
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an individual who has everything going for him. etc. women, karma, drugs
i wish i could be pac-man. usually a seller
by Shane May 04, 2003
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