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21 definitions by Shaft

An act so horrible that no one could do it on purpose. Johnny Appleseed frowns upon this act, as do hot jewish MILFs who i would like to fuck
Scott was a moron and threw out an apple pie at Mcdonalds
by Shaft December 21, 2004
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the ugliest degree of being a shasta disaster. ugly in every possibly way - face, body, personality, everything else. stay away at all costs.
by Shaft September 27, 2004
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a term used for men who arent really gay but like taking it up the ass continually. either from an overbearing girlfriend or a bullying boss. has no self esteem or penis.
chico man, why'd you let that bitch talk to you like that? you a cockjockey man?
by Shaft March 19, 2003
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The adding of cock (aka; the peni) to the (of moof,m00f)
You're such a cock m00f George
by Shaft May 29, 2003
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the little poop that slips out in a fart and causes you to run to the toilet.
omg i think i might have just nunumen myself.
by Shaft March 21, 2021
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