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when a woman of the female sex has two penises inserted any combo of her mouth, anus, or vagina, but is most commonly done in the anus and vagina
The threesome was so wild that they even tried double penetration, both fucking her in her tight ass hole
by shaft January 03, 2003

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To "hockey puck" someone is to pee in the bottom of a coffee can or other cylinder and then freeze it and slide the frozen piss disc underneath their door so that they are welcomed by a puddle of urine.
We hockey pucked Jordan twice last night. He's such a dick.
by Shaft March 27, 2005

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euphimism for penis. used with the adj. ride or chew.
oaoww yeah...ride the bologne pony baby
by shaft March 19, 2003

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The covert and forceful insertion of one's thumb into another's buttcrack in attempt to startle while yelling boisterously "FUDGELITO"
Shmeltz was walking up the stairs the other day when suddenly he heard the call "FUDGELITO!" as a thumb railed up his ass.
by Shaft January 25, 2004

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An herbal bath.
Guys, I have to go. It's time for my managerie.
by Shaft August 06, 2003

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A chant of Kuaii origin
Jub Jub Jub Jub
Jub Jub Jub
Shabado Shabado
by Shaft May 20, 2003

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A redheaded vagrant often found in 1) dumpsters, 2)a cardboard box on the corner of sheridan rd, 3) Miami Beach. Creator of the fudgelito. Originally hails from boo city, iowa, where he was raised by rufus.
Dude, shmeltz hasn't fucking showered in 3 days. Amazing.
by Shaft January 25, 2004

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