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A real time strategy game spanning the ages. The first one, at its release time, was quite good, albeit a bit cheesy.

The second release was horrible, and should not be touched with a ten foot pole. The fun completely disappeared and the units performed circa 1995 AI

The third installment is set for release in November of this year and already looks like shit judging based on the 'monsters' to be included as futuristic units and the technical problems in the beta.
Empire Earth had potential but was flopped. The developers were somewhat lazy with the first but it was much more forgivable because it was released in 2000.
by Shadow Creator September 07, 2007

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1. Usually, a self claimed internet residing 'know it all' who claims to have the knowledge to flop what he/she perceives as a 'conspiracy theory' on its head. This is often a means for showing off. The complete opposite of a hardcore conspiracy theorist, debunkers usually have little common sense, little or no ability to connect the dots, no respect for common sense and call everything that that is outside their narrow a conspiracy theory. Since they profess to rely on hard evidence so much, this often seeps out of the domain of 'hard evidence', and they begin to fabricate so called 'truths' based primarily on jumping to conclusions and ad hominem attacks. Their favorite tactic is to try to 'get something out of the way' by attempting to embarrass their opponent and call it a done deal.

2. The other type of debunker consists of those who are anti-establishment and attempt to expose mainstream fraud and nonsense for what it is using logic, anecdotal evidence, and supplemental facts and figures. They are commonly insulted with the term 'conspiracy theorist' by those who wish to tarnish their reputations. Although still fallible, anti-establishment 'debunkers' commonly have less of an emotional stake in their arguments, as they have seen the light far more than their naive counterparts. Some do, however, take this too far and become truly raving lunatics.
As Joseph explained why psychiatry is not hard science, the debunker yelled "STOP WITH THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES ABOUT BIG PHARMA". However, it's not a conspiracy theory that most funding for psychiatric studies comes from big pharma, that they fund the ads in medical journals profusely, that they conduct their own studies on the drugs they push, that they have a much larger budget (and therefore much larger influence) than the FDA, that they fund APA conventions, and that it is not hard to skew data if you have so much power and are working in a poorly understood area.
by Shadow Creator November 22, 2007

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An insult/label often flung at those who have beliefs that are not commonly accepted.
Person 1: I believe aliens are visiting Earth.


Person 1: No I am not, I've thought about the issue thoroughly

by Shadow Creator March 21, 2008

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Any type of conduct or policy that improves a company's profits, either through reputation or simply through finances. Can in some cases be beneficial if people are watchful of said company, but more often than not, people are not. Thus, with big companies that have loads of power, influence, and money lying around, they use it in not so nice ways to maximize their revenue. Simply put; if your first order of 'business' is to make money, and you have the means to influence the government, the media, and even your own 'studies', would you do so? Of course you would. Well, at least most would. The major corporations of the US and the world have a monopoly on qualification and misinformation, allowing them to 'purify' their ranks into an increasingly self-serving elite with no danger from outsiders. Those with opposing agendas are systematically crushed through manipulation of financial necessities, or likely in far darker ways when the need becomes dire.
It's not a conspiracy theory, it's just good business!
by Shadow Creator December 06, 2007

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Legalized Assault with a different name.
Joe performed the therapeutic hold on James, even though he insisted that he was being violated.
by Shadow Creator September 08, 2007

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Icelandic singer who also wrote the lyrics to Skyfire's debut album 'Timeless Departure'.
I know that Bjork has lyrical talent through her writing of Skyfire's lyrics, despite never listening to her music.
by Shadow Creator November 01, 2007

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The opposite of brainfreeze, this happens when you eat something very spicy (it works mostly with that hot Chinese mustard in restaurants) and it sends a burning sensation up your nose and into your skull. This happens even more frequently when you eat more of it while the feeling is in your nose...

Usually dissipates in a few seconds
I just dipped that fried noodle in too much hot mustard, now I have brainfire!
by Shadow Creator August 20, 2008

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