"shot in the face" can be used in any situation where a person has truley fucked up the lives of other people. Thereby dismantling perfectly happy lives without regret.
The creator of Alf, the television sitcom series should be shot in the face for taking up valuable television viewing time.
Person 1: My God, wtf is Alf
Person 2: haha, it's some shitty show from the 80's. The person who thought it up should be shot in the face.
Person 1: yer I know, I'd so much rather be watching Friends right now aye.
Person 2: maybe you should be the one being shot in the face. Friends! Wtf I thought you said you'd stopped puffing the magic dragon.
by semaj ""132$ January 15, 2009
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usually comsuming shots of hard alcohol kinda relates to to the face but more towards to the dome
Pj took tequilla shots to the face like his head's a toxic waste.
by Pj Harris December 27, 2005
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An exclamation of "let's get drunk and wild"
During prom weekend Maria C screamed "shots to the faceeeee" and everyone got drunk.
by xiidlee June 25, 2011
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When drinking Jameson whiskey with friends tell them to be like Jenna Jameson and take a shot to the face
by Steven aka Goldie November 14, 2008
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a girl so ugly, your face reacts like when you take a shot of liquor.
Man, what'd I call that ugly bitch who worked here before? Oh yeah, Shot of Liquor Face! She's so ugly, your face cringes!
by mauwau October 22, 2008
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Extreme ugliness. Maybe be from acne or acne scars, or just plain old hard livin'.
You took home a chick last night that looks like she was shot in the face with a shit-pistol!
by AMARZ November 8, 2006
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Shot faced: The glazed over-red eyed-slack jawed-blank look that happens when you're hammered, wasted, munted, drunk, smashed, or bombed after drinking many shot glasses full of high-proof liquor.

Warning: Using full-size glasses to drink shots is like putting a bottle to your head and pulling the trigger.

The only cure for being shot faced is to slip into a merciful coma or to hurl till you slip into a merciful coma.

"That guy is so shot faced he can't even talk."

"See that girl propped up against the bar who's just staring and drooling?" "Yeah, she's totally shot faced."

"I'm gonna get shot faced all weekend."
by Sparkler Girl 1 May 28, 2008
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