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adj: phrase used to describe the youthful generation of vampires, werewolves, and other denizens of the undead world, favored by teen girls, cougars, and chicken hawks.
Mandy, the 40-something mother of two teen-aged girls, satisfied her cougar voyeurism by taking her daughters to every vampire movie featuring totally ripped male vampires who she thought of as the "young dead".
by ShadeyHillRanch July 6, 2010
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verb: to use wireless technology to hijack a motor vehicle that uses wireless technology.
Some really messed-up dude hacked into my car's computer to hackjack it by turning off the engine and starting the wipers.
by ShadeyHillRanch July 22, 2015
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Noun: also known as the real world, the place inhabited by biological entities, many of whom simultaneously populate various cyberworlds in cyberspace.
Tippy thought it was creepy that herparents were on some of her social networking sites, and told them they should stay in their own bioworld.
by ShadeyHillRanch July 8, 2010
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ro-ho: noun, abbreviation for robot whore, aka, sex robots.
Donald's hands were tired, so he decided to go for some hi-tech sex and rent some time with a ro-ho.
by ShadeyHillRanch September 17, 2018
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word describing new generation of iphones or smart phones that are larger than a phone but smaller than a tablet pc.
Corkey couldn't wait to be the first cool boy in the office to have a phonelet.
by ShadeyHillRanch May 26, 2010
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noun: the interaction with another person(s) without using e-communication devices.

verb: interacting with another person(s) without using e-communication devices.
noun: Brad and Janet enjoyed their bioface after work, but could not stop texting their friends during it.

verb: Brad and Janet texted each other and agreed to bioface after work.
by ShadeyHillRanch May 23, 2010
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a person who works at a fast-food burger restaurant
Kenny told Ronnie that his dream job is to be a burgerista at Mickey D's so that one day he could become a Starbucks barista.
by ShadeyHillRanch June 21, 2014
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