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Also known as the middle-of-nowhere, Odenton is pretty boring. There nothing to do, probably because it's so small. It's right next to Crofton and Gambrills, no one really knows where they are either. Most kids here go to Annapolis to have their fun, some choose Baltimore or DC. Annapolis mainly for the mall, DC for sights and museums, or Baltimore for the harbour.

When you think Odenton, just think GORC because that's about the only 'special' thing about Odenton.
Lucy: I live in Odenton.
Joey: Where is that?
by Shaday May 17, 2007
The catchy-est part of a Prota Zoa song, you know the guy from the movie Zenon Girl of the 21st Century...it's a disney channel original.
Zoom Zoom Zoom
you make my heart go boom boom
my supernova girl
by Shaday March 20, 2007
A pointless class.

Required by IB, TOK teaches students how to respond to totally bogus statements and opinions they don't even care about. The class consists of material from famous dead guys like Descarte, Dochevesky, and Wittgenstein.

The first day everyone is super excited to learn about the meaning of life, but 15 minutes into the first class everyone already knows that this is going to be a long semester. This is the class where most IB kids learn and hone their insane BS skills.

Student 1: Hey, did you write that paper on the nature of man for TOK yet?
Student 2: Psh, I wrote that on the bus, the usual BS...
Student1: I feel ya; I feel like this is becoming second nature to me.

by Shaday July 11, 2008
An electro-pop band, comparable to hellogoodbye. The only difference being that instead of singing about summer love and cute crushes, Metro Station prefers booty calls and more booty calls.

Regardless, this band is great, definitely danceable, and they put on great live shows.
"Tonight we'll touch
And they won't know
I know you're dying
To take off your clothes

Just trust in me
I'll never run away
You kiss my lips
And you taste like pain
And while I'm pushing it, I'm moving
Somehow you manage to say..."

A couple of lines from "Wish We Were Older" by Metro Station
by Shaday May 25, 2008
The greatest place on earth, or at least in the continental United States. A place that anyone of any age can have fun, sure it's mad expensive, but it's worth it.
Me - Hey Mom!! I want to get on Tower of Terror now!! C'mon, hurry up, move with a purpose!! This is DIsney World!!
Mom - Sade, shut up, stop acting like you're 5. We have time to get on all the rides you want to get on just wait.
Me- (mumbles)

I get really excited when we go to Disney World.
by Shaday July 11, 2008
A super tight band from the west coast.

They all manage to rock the booty shorts and throw up the deuces at the same time and still look cool.
"eyo, touchdown turnaround, I never see you around
anywhere or anymore, you iz what I'm looking for
touchdown turnaround ,urrything is safe and sound
urrywhere and urrytime, I iz yours and you iz mine"
hellogoodbye lyrics, gangster style

by Shaday March 20, 2007