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a brief yet passionate relationship. because of commitments, you each go your separate ways but the time spent together was meaningful to you.
Jenni: He's going back to college in california at the end of the summer and we won't see each other until next summer
Carly: So what do you call that?
Jenni: Summer love
by izzyd8 May 26, 2011
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When you meet someone of the opposite sex during summer or on vacation and you think you're in love but in actuallity you're not and it's more lust than love.
A: I met this fine girl on vacation last week and now we're in love

B: No dude, it's just Summer Love
by Zeeky Freeky August 06, 2007
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SuMmer '10 . . . is coming right around the corner.. and its going to be A M A Z I N G . . . why? Because your other half from abroad shall be coming down to a very SMall island called home. And when that person comes. It'll be SUPPPPER DOOOOPPPER AMAZING!!

Love . . . well it'll be FULL of love.. australian kisses.. cherries.. whip cream.. chocolate.. duct tape.. sunset cruises.. massages.. coloring hair in funky colors.. smiles .. laughter.. it'll be a blast.. thats why its "SuMmer Love"

Ps: I heart you "Gift of God" <3
SuMmer Love should be a never be forgotten memory
by AustralianCherry May 26, 2010
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