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An insensitive, hard headed person whom gets off on giving another person or other people a hard time by annoying them with foolishness that's quite aggravating.
That dickass train conductor better stop site-seeing because I am about to be late for work!
by ShaSha13 April 09, 2017

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Delicious food, meal or beverage that has enough potential to be favored by many; amazing flavor
Wow! The yumtiousness of the tamale pie is unforgettable.
by ShaSha13 April 09, 2017

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cool amputee
April Holmes is totally nubular!
by ShaSha13 April 19, 2017

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a person who does not fight back when necessary, the victim in an abusive relationship with their lover whom does not fight back
If you know your self-worth and value your life, you wouldn't be that man's sparring dummy.
by ShaSha13 May 04, 2017

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