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One whose social presence gives everyone around them an uncomfortable and painful feeling similar a dick in their ass.
"Man, Brian is such a dickass, he's rude and inconsiderate to everyone he knows. Having him around is about as bad as getting a dick in the ass. We shouldn't hang out with him anymore."
by Thrash Zoo March 29, 2009
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Dickass is an Angerism for when you can't decide whether to call someone a dick or an ass.
Mr. Pinchy gave me no pet!!! What a dickass!
by Angercrank February 04, 2009
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When calling him a dick is simply not enough, and ass doesn't even begin to describe it.
"I want to you watch you fuck another bitch"
by bitch ass ho October 06, 2007
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another more intense word for asshole, jerk, buttface, dickface, cunt bagel, prick, moron, idiot, douchebag, fucker, you know.
jesse is such a dickass! i can't believe he broke up with you over a myspace message for that bi-sexual hoe!
by sarahhhFREAKK January 10, 2009
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noun- When someone takes a dick in the ass and thus becomes a dick-ass. A gay.
Shut your Dick-ass up cletus!

You dick-ass motherfucker, keepin yo cheeks spread wide and what not.
by Timbrochill17 August 24, 2010
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1. One who has a dick in their ass.
2. A repulsive individual; one whom you don't particularly care for.
3. One whose ass resembles a dick.
My, tommy sure is being a dick ass today, isn't he? I wish he'd quit punching me in the arm.
by October 10, 2002
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