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Latin phrase meaning "Out of many, one."

Otherwise known as the gibberish on the back of quarters.

Jim: Whoa, what's this "E pluribus unum" nonsense on the back of my coin?

John: Hell if I know.
by ShAdOwZ March 25, 2009
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1. To come forward; to admit one's own wrongdoings
2. To face reality; to give up on delusions or hopeless dreams
1. Come out and face the music, Jim. I know you've been stealing my pizza from the fridge.

2. I wish I could be a billionaire, too, but we've all got to face the music, sometimes.
by ShAdOwZ January 30, 2010
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1. Tree ghost/demon things, often found in MMORPGs.

2. "Three spirits" in a Jamaican accent.
1. I was cutting Yews in Runescape when I was attacked by a tree spirit!

2. "Wan, two, tree spirits, mon."
by ShAdOwZ December 8, 2008
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A t-shirt company advertising on various sites, including urbandictionary. The ads often include girls wearing vibrant t-shirts with stupid jokes on them, extremely similar to Bustedtees and Noise Bot.
A beaver in an argument with another saying "I don't give a dam".

Well done, Snorgtees, but I think I missed the punchline.
by ShAdOwZ December 10, 2008
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When someone has been having sex with several different people.

Sometimes used pejoratively when referring to a person in a relationship who's been cheating on his or her partner.

Betty: I heard you want to break up with Jim.
Susan: Yeah, I think he's been sleeping around.

Carl: Kimberly is such a whore.
Tyrone: Yeah, I heard she's been sleeping around a lot.

by ShAdOwZ February 28, 2009
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pl. "Metropolises"
1. A large and important city, usually the chief city in its region.
2. A famous 1927 silent science fiction film.
3. The fictional city where Superman lives.
4. The title of several songs by several bands.
1. Chicago, the metropolis of the midwest.
2. The film "Metropolis" is still praised today for its visual effects.
3. Superman saved Metropolis yet again. What a hero.
4. "Metropolis" by Motörhead
by ShAdOwZ March 17, 2009
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A not-high-yet-not-too-low end brand of beer. Miller Lite, especially, is popular amongst calorie counters, as it contains less calories than some other "lite" brands.
"Man, could I go for a Miller™ right now."
"Eh...I like Bud™ better than Miller™."
by ShAdOwZ October 4, 2008
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