Noun: The marijuana that has been placed on top of a partially smoked bowl.

Verb: To place new marijuana on top of a bowl that has not been smoked completely.
"This bowl is almost done, you wanna bandage that
by Chris & Kevin June 24, 2012
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Bandage is a suicidal person that wouldn't fucking die
That bandaged suicidal mackerel have tried do suicide for 973736377828473 times but failed
by Kannonzakass October 16, 2019
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1) The consumption of more alcohol to help alleviate the pain caused by a bad hangover
2) May be used when suffering from Booze Flu.
I need a booze bandage if I am going to go out again tonight
by Luckys3000 September 11, 2008
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When you are injured but can't feel it because you are so drunk.
I sprained my ankle I think, but it's fine I can walk I have a whiskey bandage.
by Gonzo Writer June 2, 2013
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Someone who keeps a secret from a friend until the last minute.

It is compared to someone who soaks a bandage in hot water and slowly takes it off avoiding pain
Bestie 1: Heyy soo...are you going to that party tonight?

Bestie 2: Hell yeah!

Bestie 1: (Thinking: OMG her boyfriend is bringing some slut to that party D:) Greeeeeeeeeaaaaaat, see you there!

*At Party*


Bestie 2: WTF you bandage soaker, why do you tell me that now?!?! Now I feel awkward D:
by Andriko1 April 29, 2011
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When one fails to remove a stem from one's marijuana crop before inserting in to a blunt, it can often cause a hole in the blunt. In order to reduce the loss of perfectly good marijuana smoke, one may use a blunt bandage, which is a little piece of a blunt laid over the hole in the aforementioned blunt. This acts as a patch for the blunt, and thus, as a barrier for the intoxicating fumes that may send you off to fun land for a time.
"Awe man, I missed a stem. Break me off a blunt bandage."
by Kripeezy July 23, 2013
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