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Dad: How was school today?
Kid: Today was the best school day of my life
Dad: That’s wonderful!!!
Kid: No it’s not!!! we had 69 tests, all 10 nerds in the class reminded the teacher of the homework, I got beat up 5 times, I stepped on a lego, the cafeteria food sent me to the hospital, I got approximately 601 pounds of homework, and I got detention because some kid who thought he was funny told on me for something I didn’t do! I don’t wanna go to school! I wanna be a fucking gamer!!!!!!1!1
Dad: i forgot to buy the milk
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a fat cat that is so fluffy you just want to squeeze the crap out of its plump body
i bought a frre last night for $69.99
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A deadly weapon too cruel and brutal for war. Holding this card guarantees that anyone who tries to attack you will instantly die.
Has been banned in all countries because of its instant contact lethality.
Even applies to non-physical attacks, such as emotional damage or punishments.
Teacher: You're getting detention
Teacher: NOOOOOOO *proceeds to sit in detention for 50 hours*

Teacher 50 hours later: no bringing uno reverse cards to school
Teacher: FML
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The saddest day in my life was when I found out my dad died in 9/11. He went down hitting the tower.
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You most certainly do not have a father if you're relying on Urban Dictionary to figure out what words mean.
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A number larger than 237 but smaller than 239.
238 is a number
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