people that watch minecraft youtuber Dream and usually simp for him in anyway possible
dream stan: dreams ass for 2020
dream stan: dreams “oh come on now” is attractive

dream stan: omg fuck the face reveal we wanna see dreams kitchen 😍
by anonymouslynotstraight September 26, 2020
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POV: You haven’t touched grass since you were 6
Bro these dream stans there are shipping people please get away from them homie
by Pxprobotvidz August 21, 2021
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Not all of Dream's fans are like this, but a large (and vocal) percentage are. They attack people who does (or is suspected) of not liking Dream by sending death threats. They also have profile pictures of GeorgeNotFound, have either "Dweam" or "Gogy" in their Twitter handles. They also make sexual fanarts of Dream and his friends and some of them say some very disturbing things.

Unfortunately, Dream himself always seems to side with his stans even when they sent death threats to someone on Twitter for not liking his content. So his actions may contribute to the problem.
Me: Did you hear? Technoblade won the Pvp contest.


Me: Stop being a dream stan.
by 32500 April 5, 2021
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Cancerous children that think Dream is the best minecrafter ever. If you give Dream any criticism, they will swat your fucking house.
"Are you ok, dude?"
"No, a fucking Dream Stan swatted my house."
by ballsex420anal December 20, 2020
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A disease. A horde. A bacteria that is always spreading and is near impossible to purge
They will cancel anyone and anything
Their skin is thinner than paper and softer than a new pillow
They will always lurk in the darkness worshiping their "god" Dream
Sane human: Oh hello
by King Pissant May 23, 2021
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Toxicity powered by a rotting brain.
A Dream Stan is a fan of the popular minecraft youtuber Dream, who usually devote their already sad lives to Dream. Most of them are very sensitive people who get offended over the tiniest of things, and are the types of people to enforce Political and non-Political (such as forcing someone to like something) beliefs on other people.
They support things they dont look in depth into.
Most of their IQ's are under 0 itself, and should take a long hard look at their lives and realize where their life went wrong.
Random Person: "Dream is mediocre in my opinion, I don't enjoy his content."
Dream Stan: "What the fuck did you just say? HUH? Are you some kind of racist? White supremacist IDIOT."
Random Person: "..."
by trhsrthsrh January 1, 2021
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