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The one person out of a large group of friends who does not drink, do drugs,is the designated driver,attends Christian Camp,and plans to save sex for the right time.
Kelly: Hey, we're getting smashed tonight, Aiight?
Trishelle: Chyeah...Oh wait, someone needs to be the Designated Driver!
Kelly: Dont worry, we'll bring Sarah.
Trishelle: Why?
Kelly: Cause she's our abstinant friend.
by Sarah McNasty December 11, 2008
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When a person's gut hangs down so far, or there is a lot of fat in the bladder area, causing a Vagumach.
Trishelle: Why does her jeans go like that? It looks like she's preggerz!
Sarah: Trust me, she's not.
Trishelle: How do you know that's not an unborn fetus?
Sarah: Cause it's her Vagumach.
by Sarah McNasty February 19, 2009
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When, in a situation such as a double date or casual hangout involving two girls, it can clearly be noticed that one girl is prettier/smarter/funnier/more superior than the other, much like how Marsha was always better than Jan in The Brady Bunch. Therefore, the poor girl who is inferior to the other seems to experience the Jan Brady Effect.
Troy: "Wow, Gavin. You sure do have a 10 right there!."
Gavin: "Yeah, she's quite beautiful. I'm very lucky. I just feel kind of bad for your girl. Candance seems to just be all around better than her."
Troy: "Yeah. We clearly have the Jan Brady Effect going on here."
by Sarah McNasty December 15, 2010
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When you figure out someone has been lying to you by either common sense, street smarts,or investigative skills, much like famous detective Nancy Drew. Tends to lead to total ownage by said investigator, and utter humiliation by the perpetrator.
Liz: Omgz! I knew she was lying!
Sarah: Wha..?
Liz: I found his real myspace! The other is a fake!
Sarah: You dont say!
Liz: I do say! I've put all the clues together. This seals the deal, nukka.
Sarah: Well, you just Nancy Drew'd her ass.
by Sarah McNasty April 15, 2009
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When, in a large group of friends or at a crowded event,you unvoluntarily are pushed to the back of your group, much like the blacks did when they rode buses.
Jen: Ok everyone! Gather around for a group of scene pics!
Liz: Ok,let's all get together!
*Pushes and Shoves People*
Sarah: Woah, Woah, Woah! Why am I in the back!?
Jen: OhMyGawd! Shut the fuck up and just get in the pic! My straightners about to burn down the house!
Sarah: Dude....I just got Rosa Park'd.
by Sarah McNasty February 19, 2009
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Liz: I find this man very attractive, and not Canadian.
Sarah McNasty: Carpe Sexus.
Liz: For sure.
-High five-
by Sarah McNasty September 2, 2009
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Synonym for either That's What She Said or Yo' Mama. Use at the end of a sentence to further humiliate or demean someone.
Liz: Why did you tell Karen that I said she wasnt fat?
Sarah: Because.
Liz: That was uncalled for.
Sarah:...Like your Birth.
by Sarah McNasty March 24, 2009
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