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Chuck Badness is a rapper from the neighborhood of Sheppard Ave in North York, Toronto Canada.
He has 2 songs, "Trapping my life away" and another lost song with a feature from Rick Ross.
No music has been released in years, probably because Chuck is locked up.
Chuck Badness comes to mind when you think of Rappers who only have one song.
by Santasquad100 August 28, 2023
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That hole in the mens washroom door where the handle used to be where you can see who walks into the stalls to engage in sexual activities
I wish more washrooms had a peep hole so I could see the sexy blokes that walk in and want to jerk me off
by Santasquad100 August 24, 2023
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Tyson Ty, is a Canadian Rapper born and raised in Montreal, who moved to Toronto after legal issues. He was born in 1986 in Quebec, but his parents are from Jamaica.
He drives a 2011 Maserati Gran Turismo, his first car was jeep wrangler, later a BMW 7 series.

His associated acts are: Harvey Stripes, Malcolm Rose, Rick Ross, Enima, Captain Hooks, Vulture, and himself.

He has a few known songs such as "Been Thru", "Letter to MTL", "Kunta Kinte", "Fuck cops"
Tyson ty is the dopest rapper from MTL
by Santasquad100 August 25, 2023
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Carspotters are an annoying group of men that take shitty pics of cars on their expensive camera.
These carspotters act like retards taking pics of cars they can't afford
by Santasquad100 August 24, 2023
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JD Era is a Nigerian/ Jamaican rap artist based in Mississauga/ Toronto, a city in Canada. He was born April 15 1985 and his career is aging fast.

Highlights of his career include a few songs with DRAKE (black magic, good riddance, xoxo) to name a few, as well as being signed to rapper turned scam artist Raekwon from Wu tang clan.

He also has a song featuring old man Louis OX Ranking.
Another high note for JD was his song with MMG Artist Gunplay.

Jd era has released many failed projects with no success such as his 2013 Album "No handouts", his single "Jeeps" and "Dope" struggling to get 1000 youtube hits.

Jd has since opened up a music studio in Mississauga and been on a few TV episodes.
Jd era makes good music bro. But with jd era it's either hurtin video or hurtin lyrics.
by Santasquad100 August 24, 2023
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Eazyano hok was a 6"5 Toronto rapper, gangster, and baller, turned police informant before his deportation back to his home land of Ghana .
When we think of Rappers who Snitch we all think of Takashi 69, Gunna, and of course Eazyano HOK
by Santasquad100 August 25, 2023
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A shitty area in Toronto where international students, illegal immigrants, refugees, basement asians and poor people live in rooming houses, garages, sheds and basements for low money. This area is near a hood called finch Avenue and Scarborough also.
Cummer avenue is the shittiest street in Toronto easily.
by Santasquad100 August 29, 2023
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