Eazyano HOK was a famous Toronto rapper residing in an area called Parkdale, Toronto, Canada. He is originally born in Ghana and moved here in his teens where he got into trouble with the law many times. In 2011 the government tried to deport him but he fought the case and was able to stay, he joined the brutal street gang HOK aka Heart of a king and sold drugs, stole cars, and was involved in a prostitution ring. In 2016 Eazyano was hired by the TPS (Toronto Police Service) as an informant to bring down HOK, eazyano was also crazy in the streets, one of his homies got popped by an IDS man AND sizzlac filmed his video in the Same alley eazyano did, so eazy took this as a diss and killed Sizzlac. It is estimated that Eazyano has a body count of 4+.... or more... When HOK was raided eazyano was able to do next to no jail time since he was an informant that helped bring them down, for his protection he was deported back to his home country, there are documents online that show his deportation for all his crimes, but the major factor was to keep him safe from HOK, as before this the government wasn't serious on him being deported.
He now lives in Ghana with some wild tales to tell such as being a Toronto rapper, a police narcotics informant and a gangster.
Yo yo man that guy is almost as much of a snitch as Eazyano or 69.
by Santasquad100 August 22, 2023
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Eazyano hok was a 6"5 Toronto rapper, gangster, and baller, turned police informant before his deportation back to his home land of Ghana .
When we think of Rappers who Snitch we all think of Takashi 69, Gunna, and of course Eazyano HOK
by Santasquad100 August 25, 2023
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