Shotbydolo is a Toronto based rap music video director from India. He was most active in Toronto during 2012-2013. Towards 2014 and 15 his videos stopped being as rapidly released.
In his prime dolo was the GO TO for music video visuals and a house hold name among fans of Toronto rap. He put Toronto videos on the map for good visuals, before dolo all Toronto videos were low quality but he changed it.
His signature is matching his jordans and wearing purple.

Him and his homies have a crew called team Jordan, and call each other wavers. Some might say that are homosexual for the homies but it is just speculation.

His associated acts are: Corey Fila, K sizzle, C4 aka Four, Papa Corleone, G Swag, Team Jordan, SBD, $September and more including Snitch eazyano
Yo yo yo your music video ain't official till its shotbydolo.
by Santasquad100 August 29, 2023
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