Parkdale is a beautiful bayside suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is home to the fantastic Mornington Pensinsula, wonderful private schools and the sweetest atmospheric place which holds gorgeous memories for many.
I would love live in Parkdale one day by the beach, it's an amazing place.
by Laura_C April 16, 2021
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Area near Downtown Toronto, that became a bad area in the 60's when they began running half way houses for all the crazy people.So when you go there don't touch anyone or talk to anyone.
Also home to every immigrant that comes to Toronto.
Guy: Oh you live in Parkdale...
Me: Yeah...
Guy: That's a bad area
Me: Oh well I'm used to it
Guy: So.. how about we meet downtown
by Kat February 2, 2004
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Area of high park in Toronto, is a bad area in terms of poverty and crackheads but all the gangs are paki pride and aren't half as tuff as they wanna be, they don't hold shit to the Jane strip
Pers 1 " I'm goin to Parkdale to beat on some crackheads :

pers 2 " Better bring a gas mask, those pakis smell like sweaty ballsack"
by the angry mexican December 14, 2004
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(n.)- high school consisting of horrible students, gangbangers, and drug addicts that reek havok on riverdale and the surrounding cities in maryland
I went to parkdale the other day and almost had a heart attack.
by kikiboo21 April 6, 2008
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New England Steamer without the Charlston Chews.

See also:
dok larok,bobbiwhistles,japp inc.,kal kalesh,captain stubing,mexican pete,jt money,
New England Steamer
So, I woke up this morning and told that Honey-Bun I met last night to take off. After she left, I got up to get a beer and when I got back in bed I found that the bitch had left a god-damned Parkdale Steamer in my bed!
by Japp & Rawk December 14, 2003
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When someone lunges their genitals onto someone's face in a sliding motion, usually involves sweat and welfare.

Also can be defined by a sandwich that includes a piece of bread topped your crushed hopes and dreams.
"After that dinner argument I took your mother into the side room and gave her an Open Face Parkdale slider."

"I'm so poor all I have to eat is this Open Face Parkdale Slider."
by Kdiamondz April 7, 2013
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