An area in the North of Toronto that contains one of the richest nieghborhoods in the city. (post road) It also has it's own mini downtown called "North York Centre" Just don't go to the peanut or jane and finch, not if you want to be knifed.

Also known as the "Not so big apple"
Yo dawg im a Ny-er, im from Jane 'n Finch yo.
by senssuck101 October 7, 2004
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The snobbiest place in Ontario, where snobby people who think Toronto is better than the rest of Ontario come from. A lot of McMansions & a very pretentious shopping centre.
Hi I'm Evan & I think North York is better than Markham. Did I mention I'm mentally challenged?
by ilovecheesenot February 1, 2021
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North York is one of the six districts that make up the city of Toronto. North York has a population of 869,401 as of 2016. Its city centre is called North York Centre, which includes tall, shiny buildings, beautiful parks and recreational areas like Mel Lastman Square. North York can differ from place to place, from the expensive real estate on the Bridle Path to the crime-ridden streets of the Jane & Finch area. If you're looking for a place to hang out outside of the hustle and bustle of the downtown, North York has it all.
Person 1: Where are you from?
Person 2: I'm from North York. You?
Person 1: Same!
by bluepen75 January 5, 2021
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Also well-known to the denizens of Toronto as The Uptown Ultimate and The Bathurst Bomb, the action of dining at Wimpy's for breakfast, Dr. Laffa for lunch, and Pho Viet Xpress for dinner in the same day.
Girl: Mmmm, it's Sunday, let's stay in bed for a bit longer and cuddle up today.
Guy: No son, we're hitting the North York trifecta today. Wear your stretchy pants.
by TheOldAmba March 3, 2017
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A way to tell your friend from Oakville that they aren't hard because they know some Scarborough slang.
Dumbass Friend: "Nyeah eh, what's up fam"

Cool Friend: "Alright, North York"
by MrMarkTheNWord April 11, 2019
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