27 definition by Samuel

1. to be wary
2. acronym for Can Anyone Under Twenty Ingest Oxygen Nytrate
we need to use caution when killing people.
by Samuel April 07, 2004

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A severe computer nerd
The qwert spent 82 straight hours playing video games on his computer
by Samuel June 01, 2003

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a salutation, the new sup
Durp guys what's going on?
by Samuel October 15, 2003

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great music. some good britpop bands are oasis, doves, travis, pulp, and the smiths.
the smiths are britpop.
by samuel March 08, 2004

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people who overdress themselves with cool fashionable clothes, and say that they listen to a lot of music. they usually listen to horrible barely indie bands like the yeah yeah yeahs, white stripes, the faint, and the strokes.
Will: Look at that awesome kid with all those buttons on his cool designer shirt. Maybe we should go see if he is interested in the same music as us.
Bill: Let's go for it.
Indie Poser: What's up
Will: What are your favorite indie bands?
Indie poser: Uhh...like a month ago I bought that new Strokes cd...is my hair messed up?
Bill: What an indie poser.
by samuel July 18, 2004

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1. an illegal drug

2. a group of youngsters who cleverly used the first letters of their first names to spawn a terrificlly evil alter ego
1. no way am i taking lsd

2. lsd hails steve
by samuel April 03, 2005

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