27 definition by Samuel

sexy animal ... loves old wrinkly men.. does every man she can.
by samuel March 22, 2003

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A noun or adjective used to describe really hot chick.
Did you see that girl, she a real Kalin.
by Samuel April 12, 2005

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A very painful headache.
Comes from the mountain region of Montana where bears often chew the heads of men.
"Stop yelling, I have a bad head-chew."
"Why are you crabbie, is it a head-chew?"
by Samuel May 04, 2004

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To become a combination of confused and frustrated.
The gang banger was confrustrated at the site of a wigger.
by Samuel April 23, 2003

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South Australian raver crew.

A whole bunch of like minded, and of course open minded Plur friendly ravers, totalling about 40 (figure thought to be correct in mid 2003) Orginally Conceived by "Piero" as a Quiry Nick name for the group of people congregating at the Pizza House on a wednesday, and also as a Name for the members of #sa_ravers on the Austnet Network.
Hey I'm "______" from Munted Inc, It's wicked to meet you, are you having a good day, i hope you are can i perhaps offer a cigarette, a hug, some vicks, a massage maybe ?
by Samuel August 12, 2003

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(noun) a cat sound like a meow but usually harsher and more aggressive

(verb) to chase off another cat while making a mrow
The big cat got fed up with the little cat's pestering and mrowed him off.
by Samuel June 30, 2004

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weird, out of the ordinary
the yashinsky's have no legs
by samuel November 17, 2003

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