27 definition by Samuel

a large fat animal
Their cat is an obeast.
by Samuel June 30, 2004

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(combination of beast and hiss) An animal that makes a hissing sound.
Geese, snakes and small cats are all beassss since they are hissing animals.
by Samuel July 04, 2004

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A stupid or gay person.
Why did you give away my money?!?! You are so bokchoi!!!
by SamueL August 01, 2003

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To colour something lime, is to indicate its truthfulness.
The statement "Samuel has an enormous wang" would most certainly be lime'd for truth.
by Samuel August 22, 2004

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If a person is Ayashi, he's always depressed. Has a Guybrush fetish and digs raping Tha Hanzz cause it makes him happy
Ayashi: I'm depressed
Hanzz: Rape me
Ayashi Yes Plz! <3
by Samuel July 15, 2004

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Absolutely fecking gorgeous. <3
Jonny is fit.
by samuel May 08, 2004

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in reality, there is no such thing as individuality as everyone is influenced by somthing, people who claim to be "an individual" are generally tits
individual: "hello, i am individual"
random guy: "do shut up"
by samuel February 24, 2005

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