8 definitions by SPGLink

1) A proclamation of anger, pain, or sadness.
2) Noun. A dumb and/or mean person.
3) Verb. To damn something.
1) Steve shouted "DAMNIT!" when he fell down.
2) Get that shit off of my table, damnit!
3) Damnit to hell!
by SPGLink February 27, 2003
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1) A chicken in a basket.

2) German war cry during World War 1. The Germans would shout this as they dropped pastry on to unsuspecting lemon monkeys.
Wait, this isn't a base! It's just a bunch of corporate logos! CHICKEN IN A BASKET!
by SPGLink August 16, 2003
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A big stick, handled like a 2-handed sword; Primary weapon of SPGLink of wordThe Four Heroes/word
SPGLink unsheathed the legendary Big Pointy Stick, and vanquished the evil pastry to the air conditioner from wence it came.
by SPGLink February 24, 2003
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ass fudge is brown
by SPGLink February 24, 2003
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A fart, usually to the effect of producing a tremor higher than 3.0 on the Ricter Scale. Most likely juicy, and could possibly tear a hole in the ass of one's pants.
by SPGLink February 22, 2003
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