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Dun dun dun den,
And Another One Busts The Nut
Usually used in group chats, No Nut November and support groups for masturbation addicts to celebrate the leaving of a friend from the circle
Person A has left the chat "NNN"
Chat mod: and ANOBTN
by SOMBRA ON STEROIDS December 12, 2018
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an Acronym.
me and my friends were talking about tits and then friend C said TMBF and we all agreed on it
by SOMBRA ON STEROIDS March 28, 2018
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basically your basic cmd ( console command line ) but it gets injected with high leveled steroids
Person 1 : yo bro i just programmed this thicc script in cmd ( command line )
Bro : yeah i know dude but did you tried using it with powershell?
Person 1 : yeah i did bro , it even made my script work better harder and faster
Bro : yeah dude powershell is basically cmd on steroids
by SOMBRA ON STEROIDS March 7, 2018
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Guy1: Hey Did You Know A Guy Hacked A Bank's Security System With CMD ON STEROIDS Wait That's Not The Name
Guy2: Yes Yes That Thing Named PowerShell Right?
Guy1: YES!
by SOMBRA ON STEROIDS March 3, 2017
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insec or in-sec depends on how edgy you are...
stands for internet-security or internet security
yesterday I was reading an insec/in-sec article related to CSRF,
can't believe it's so hard to defend against...
by SOMBRA ON STEROIDS April 26, 2022
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Your typical white privileged male usually tall has blonde hair yellow eyes and kinda buffed but actually just a little fat, hangs around at bars and clubs, *hands over babe* yo wassup brandon all good man?
person 1: did you see Roi at the bar last night? he was putting over his arm on his date and he was super "dominant" and he was going to bang everyone at the bar INEJ
person 2: yeah Roi is such a Chad.
by SOMBRA ON STEROIDS March 8, 2019
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The First Rule Of IT is turn off and then turn on again
The second rule is to plug it out of the power sourcce for 8 seconds and then plug it back
The third rule is to never doubt the indian technician guy
Example 1 :
when everything goes wrong with your computer remember the first rule of IT
Example 2 :

when in doubt power off and restart
Example 3 : actually a reference from the series AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D Season 5 Episode 2
when jemma a lead scientist tries to avoid getting hit by an enourmess astroid she talks about the first rule of IT and puts it in a good use by powering off and powering on the space ship
by SOMBRA ON STEROIDS June 6, 2018
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