Roi is a lovely person he hates getting heart broken he likes hugs and kisses. He doesn’t lies and hate. He’s the BEST boyfriend ever. He’s a soft boy.
Roi is a good person.

Roi’s the best
by Lovecanbehurtful June 23, 2021
Roi is the best. They’re so chaotic but so kind and although they drive me mad I love them so much /p
Roi is a European
by Luka.on.the.floor March 13, 2022
a word used when something (anything) good happens
Person1: Yo, that was totally a Roi
Person2: Yeah, good thing it wasn't a Ior
by boyo5000 June 23, 2020
Roi is a soft boy who really likes hugs and cuddles. His heart gets broken easily, and he doesn't like broken promises. He doesn't believe in love after the first 2 break ups, and he's probably really short and gets bullied.
You're so adorable, Roi.
by roilyskin December 16, 2018
Person who have a purest of heart and the hardest dick
by spenceeer groff February 9, 2020