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aka "Ballbuster Video"

Video/Game rental franchaise of dubious merit that discovered they were losing a huge market share of the video rental industry by instituting an authoritarian return policy, whereupon they stupidly decided to waive all late fees to offset their dwindling customer accounts. They then decided to enter the mail rental biz and have been getting their asses wiped by Netflix (aka "Netflux") ever since, mostly because of the poor customer service and shitty selection they offer their members. Never has a once-successful company ever tried so hard to fuck itself up the ass six ways to Sunday at every turn. We can only sit back and watch with curious amusement as it struggles to outdo its own corporate incompetence before cashing in its proverbial chips to the competition. Meanwhile, all of Blockbuster's former customers can register their disgust with these assholes by driving up to the night return facility and pissing in the slot.
Attention Blockbuster shoppers...the movie you are watching has been pissed on...film at 11.
by Rollo & Biff April 4, 2008
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1. A very boastful and talkative person; a braggart

2. A self-important egomaniac who likes to toot his own horn, like those assholes who put bumper stickers on their cars that say "PROUD PARENTS OF AN HONOR STUDENT AT (blah blah blah) HIGH SCHOOL"
"Did you catch the State of the Union speech last night? What a fucking blowhard!"
by Rollo & Biff May 27, 2006
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Having the quality of a politically reactionary idea, statement or principle, used expressely for the purpose of alienating those whose positions are contrary to the neocon idiot espousing them. Coulteresque statements are inflammatory and/or hateful by nature, and are usually directed at intelligent people whose political views are inconsistent with those of ultra right-wing author and crackpot commentator Ann Coulter and those of her ilk.
As I sat in the redneck bar, my ears were assaulted by one Coulteresque statement after another as two drunken neocon idiots demonstrated their ignorance of politics to the other patrons.
by Rollo & Biff July 3, 2007
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An immensely popular series of children's books written by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray with illustrations by Audrey Colman. Walter is an ugly but lovable mutt rescued from the dog pound by two warm-hearted children. However, Walter has a problem, he is constantly farting the most ghastly farts one has ever smelled, which almost send him back to the pound until he proves his worth by foiling a couple of house-breakers with his awful gas.

The Walter franchaise has five entries thus far: "Walter the Farting Dog," "Trouble at the Yard Sale," "Rough Weather Ahead For Walter the Farting Dog," "Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise," and "Walter the Farting Dog Banned From the Beach." All have made it on the New York Times Bestseller List.
Each time a new Walter the Farting Dog book comes out, we gather around at bedtime and I read about Walter's newest exploits it to my excited children, as they make wonderful bedtime stories.
by Rollo & Biff November 24, 2007
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(verb) The act of performing cunnilingus. Also
called, "Yodel in the Valley."
LAURA: Now, go brush your teeth, George, and after you get back I'll let you yodel in the gulley.

GEORGE: Duh, whaz a gulley?
by Rollo & Biff March 29, 2006
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1: A foul-smelling, frothy mixture of fecal matter and semen that dribbles from a male partner's raw, tumescent anus after sodomy and dribbles down his testicles like so much chocolate syrup and mayonnaise.

2: Biting, pejorative term used to describe a plutocratic, homophobic theocrat; a component of the radical right who embraces tax cuts for the rich, social spending cuts for the poor, anti-gay legislation in every concievable form and adherence to the strictest tenets of the Christian right.

3. Last name of U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania who former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerry likened to the innermost part of the posterior and who President shit-for-brains referred to as "inclusive."
Upon entering the darkened room, I noticed Reverend Falwell's eyes rolling wildly in his head, his gentle whimpers undulating in response to the savage pounding his prostate was undergoing. Then, all at once, he let out a long, melodic sigh and began to gently cry. It was all he could do after taking it in the ass by Rick Santorum.
by Rollo & Biff October 26, 2006
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Having the unique ability to produce farts with alarming frequency, either deliberately or accidentally.
No one ever fell for his "pull my finger" challenges, as he was well known as the most fartacious person around.
by Rollo & Biff December 12, 2007
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