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A browser that lost the browser wars to Internet Explorer long ago. The last version that wasn't over-commercialized was Netscape 4.6. The current version is 7.2, which is loaded down with a lot of AOL junk and advertizing. It is inferior to nearly all browsers on the market, except for Internet Explorer, which it is slightly better than

Firefox>Everything Else>Netscape>Internet Explorer Shells (avent, maxthon)>Internet Explorer
Did you check out the new Netscape Browser beta 8.0? I threw up when I saw the interface and now my computer is ruined.
by Robert April 10, 2005

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A person that feels that something is respectable. A person feels that something is cool or good.

This word is along the lines of That's Legit.
I have to study tonight. "I respect that"
by Robert April 23, 2005

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A crappy anime with stupid chracters and bad music. whereas Card Captor Sakura is very good anime.
loser 1:Hey let's go watch Cardcaptors.
losor 2:After that we'll watch MTV and go support George Bush.
loser 1: yeah!
by Robert July 07, 2004

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The best Counter-Strike Clan EVER!!!!!
Counter-Strike Clan
by Robert April 26, 2004

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and armenian warrior of old age armenia
soseh mayrik was a tough warrior (fedai)
by Robert October 10, 2004

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Big headed and nerdy kid who tends to piss everyone off with his ignorant comments. (troll)
Bob: Go back to your damn cage! :@
by Robert April 06, 2004

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Another word for fart;
Sick! Did you boofa?
by Robert March 19, 2005

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