168 definitions by Robert

An insult.
A person, generally African American, who grew up or now lives in the rural deep south.
A person, generally African American, who is not sophisticated.
Keshia thinks she all that living in LA but she's just country.
by Robert April 15, 2004
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An elderly person. Can also be a person of name Margret who has red hair and is quite dumb.
Woah dude maggies such a codger
by robert March 25, 2005
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Dog faced killer, one ugly bitch
Have you seen that new girl in class, she such a DFK
by Robert June 19, 2006
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to stick middle finger up at people. usally if u r in the hood u will get it shot off.
AAAAAAAAAH!!! I just flipped off that guy and he shot it off!
by robert August 30, 2003
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another word for a blowjob
yo did she give you tops?
by robert April 15, 2005
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A fag with a burnt ear who likes arabian gas masks.
A haggot; chili-dog recieving bitch.
by robert March 03, 2005
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a shit country that fuckin sucks ass at soccer. the ppl there are lazy sacs of shit that dont do anything
serbia sucks
by Robert June 16, 2004
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