194 definitions by Richard Black

n. a tilt of the head by one gay to another in a crowd of straight people.
Chance knew from far across the crowded room that Tyler was gay. Chance cocked his head to one side and Tyler responded with a nod of acknowledgement.
by Richard Black October 19, 2005
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n. a fancy term for a male prostitute or gigolo; not associated with ushering or accompaniment.
Did you see the ad in the paper for the escort who charges $1,500 an hour?
by Richard Black April 18, 2005
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n. The prostate gland in the male.

When massaged by urologist, proctologist, or sex partner, either by finger or penis, the gland releases a clear lubricant (precum) for sperm ejaculation. During the massage the receiver feels the same sensation as ejaculation though he only ejects lubricant, not sperm in itself.
Man, when I want my ass fucked, I want it done right by a ten inch dick that can massage my prostate.

The urologists in the CME2P clinic got a kick out of milking the old men's prostates.
by Richard Black April 24, 2005
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A well endowed penis. Most authorities agree in whites, the criteria is 7.5 inches in length in and 3 inches in girth. In blacks, one is said to be hung at 9.5 inches in length and 5 inches in girth.

Asian and other tan races are proportionatly smaller. A Japanese is hung at 6 inches, Chinese at 5.
Matt cruised only the hung boys, usually settling on a black one to trick with because of his endowment.
by Richard Black March 03, 2005
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A job teaching religion as in darkest Africa.
When I get out of the seminary, I'm going to Africa to take a missionary position.
by Richard Black September 07, 2007
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n. A man who exposes usually a large dick in public at x-rated stores or movies, strokes it only to tease gays and refuses to let them touch it.
Elmer sat in the aisle seat at the Capri Adult Theater and stroked his twelve inches so everybody could see. If anybody tried to sit down next to him or touch him, he pushed them away. He was a real cock teaser because he had a gorgeous cock. He got off on teasing the gays.
by Richard Black May 04, 2005
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Gay lingo for penis.
Seems like everybody on the high school team was offering tube steak to the boy cheerleaders on the bus on the trip back home.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005
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