A place where no one ever goes; the middle of no-where. Derived from the Spanish verb tense not used in the New World.
"Man, we are in the middle of vosotros right now!"

"What kind of shirt is that? That's a brand from vosotros!"
by Dan481 May 18, 2006
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The word used by the spanish people who think they are hard, despite purposefully having a lisp when they speak, and having other words in their vocabulary, such as "sois," "os los," "menudo," and the suffix "ais."
Elbrandoelganador: I am proud to be spanish because of my amazing culture!
elpinchepeter: Vosotros headass 💀
Elbrandoelganador: please stop mocking my language or else os los vuestros
elpinchepeter: i dontais givais a fuckais
by purplexed February 13, 2022
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