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Short form for "grow operation." Usually an extremely large warehouse set up to grow massive hydroponic quantities of marijuana.
The cops busted a massive grow-op in Toronto.
by RexGibson January 11, 2004

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The horse teeth condition occurs in some women when they smile. Smiling causes their upper lip to move up way above their gums, revealing huge teeth and big red gums, much like a horse's mouth.
I could never date a girl who had horse teeth.
by RexGibson February 03, 2006

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(noun) A person who is an experienced, cultured viewer of pornography. He finds the latest and best quality porn, whether in video or print format. Yet he never boasts about his talent -- he's a quiet connoisseur of few words, speaking about pornography only when spoken to. When his friends need porn, they know they can turn to him for help.
He prefers actresses who are fresh, innocent, and new to the business; not the cliched bleach-blond bimbos. He is a connoiseur of the sex industry.
Johnny is quite the pornocrat -- he knows the difference between Swank and Barely Legal. As well, he prefers Mike's Apartment to the Bangbus.
by RexGibson December 01, 2003

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Short form for "phone number."
Joe: So what happened with you and that girl at the bar?
Sammy: I got her number!
Joe: Sweet, you'll be banging her in no time!
by RexGibson March 11, 2004

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To walk around a room or other location and shake hands with people. Usually done by politicians in an attempt to make friends and garner votes.
John Kerry was planning to press the flesh at the convention.
by RexGibson August 11, 2004

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In Canada, slang for a case of 24 bottles of beer, usually pronounced "two-four" (NOT twenty-four).
I went to the beer store and bought a two-four.
by RexGibson March 12, 2004

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Really small breasts.
That girl had two pimples on her chest. She sure didn't need a bra.
by RexGibson March 18, 2004

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