Canadian football is very similar to American football. The main difference is that with Canadian rules there are only three downs. Canadian football is also played on a wider field and has one man more on the field than American. On offence there are two slot backs rather than a tight end. A field goal is also a live ball in Canadian football and can be returned for a touchdown if missed.
Canadian and American football are the greatest sports in the world. Love the gridiron!
by left4ded April 14, 2005
The sexual term:
The act of receiving oral sex from your partner, then orgasming on their face, This simple action is followed by placing a large football helmet on the person, backwards. And proceeding to throw them down the stairs.
Man: "dude last night my girl gave me really crappy head, so we played a little Canadian football after she finished."
by Andy SW June 15, 2008
Derived from a sport called rugby-football, superior to american football. Real men only need 3 downs! The field is 110 yards long and not as wide. The defense must remain 1 yars behind scrimmage until the ball is in play. The biggest similarity to rugby being the drop kick which involves at any time dropping the ball to the ground and after it bounces kicking it through the uprights. There is a 3 minute warning at the end of each half.
"Do you want to watch the Dalphins and Giants play"

"No I want Canadian football, I'm going to watch the roughriders play the roughriders."
by MadDog10101 November 12, 2009
Wants to be the NFL but I dont think canadians know the field is way to big shhh dont tell them yet oh and they get everyone who cant make it in the NFL
by T8KEM August 17, 2005