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The ethnic group Hitler would focus on instead if he were alive today.
Teeny Bopper: Let's all get ice-cream sodas!
Hitler: Kommen sie um!
by Requiett June 06, 2005

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Also known as Fly Agaric, Amanita Muscaria is the legendary red capped mushroom speckled with white dots. Containing the psychoactive compound Muscamol, Amanitas are hallucinogenic if injested.

It is highly recommended against eating an amanita raw. The best experiences typically come from drying them completely and eating them, or making tea from a crushed dry amanita (it is best not heat the water completely to boiling). A fair dose to feel any effects would range from 3 to 10 grams (1 to 3 caps).

Amanitas range widely across the Northern Hemisphere, generally in northern Europe and the northwestern area of North America.

The effects vary GREATLY among users of Amanita, as their chemical makeup can vary depending on the season, climate, and location they are picked in. Never consume an amanita whose cap has fully opened (unless you want a bad time).

Commonly sought after effects include: dissociation, euphoria, and sedation. Negative side effects may include: physical exhaustion, sweating and mild to moderate nausea.

This is not an extensive view of the amanita as reliable research should be done on any substance before consumption.

Currently, Amanita is legal to possess and injest in the United States.
Amanita Muscaria is everywhere in fairy tales, but never eaten.
by Requiett August 17, 2005

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1. Guy your mom was probably with when she was drunk 2. Guy your mom was probably with again when she sobered up 3. Guy who left your mom 8 dirty messages on her answering machine 4. Guy who probably gave your mom that oozing sore on her upper lip 5. Probably your real father
Congratulations you're our 12th caller! You win 3 weeks of sub-standard sex & bukakke bondage with Requiett! You'll fly to beautiful San-fucking Diego where you'll stay in our trusted contact's G-Shank's spacious luxury heavy-duty, styrofoam-packed, corrugated condominum. You'll enjoy fine dining in dark alley garbage bins behind Korean take-out dives, and rub elbows with the likes of Louis the Spaniard Man-Pimp, and Linda "The 13-Inch Labia" Pullman. We hope you enjoy your trip, and thanks for listening to KFIT.
by Requiett November 13, 2004

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Shooting up with novocaine and having your friends chuck you down a hill or into a wall as seen on Robot Chicken.
Guy 01: Hey you guys want to go numbchucking?
Guy 02: Nah, we're into pot now.
by Requiett May 19, 2006

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To pleasure oneself until pain sets in
Kelly smashterbated herself to the thought of other girls smashterbating.
by Requiett January 03, 2005

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A quantic phenomenon in which the popularity of something is inversely proportional to its overall goodness, pop has become the baseline standard against which the quality of all decent culture, music and art can be measured against.
Cynthia is cool, unique, and trendy while being generally accepted in her clique as long as she feeds corporately-sanctioned pop culture into her daily life.
by Requiett April 02, 2005

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Ebonics + leet = 57R337 1337
5HAM3 0N A N1GGA WH0 7Ri35 70 RUN GAM3 0N A N1GGA.
by Requiett November 15, 2004

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