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Before Metallica hit their prime to Loaded, Reloaded and St. Anger. They did some four demo recordings entitled Kill 'em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and ...And Justice for All. They also did the self entitled Metallica album, or more commonly referred to as the black album. With the release of this album, music critics could see that the band was destined to be so much greater and improved greatly from their days as a garage band.

Most fans don't like the new Metallica because they're upset that their precious underground band has finally become good enough to be enjoyed by more people than just the people who pretended to like it so they can say they liked a band no one had heard of. New Metallica is more Nu-Metal than Thrash Metal and Nu-Metal usually has more of a rap influence than regular metal making it a huge improvement.
"I'm madly in anger with you."
Those lyrics mean so much to me.
by Real Gangsta in da House July 16, 2005

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The ONLY genre of music. PERIOD.

Rap is true. Rap is the heart and soul voice of the streets proclaiming thier lives and telling us a story of heartache and woe. Living on the street is tough. I want to Snoop Dogg's mansion and he told me how hard his life is and how gangsta he is. Then he kicked me out and screwed my mother. He is my hero.

Me and all my friends are townies and some people just don't seem to realise that we are the best. Just last week, it took 24 of us to beat up an old lady. That is how hardcore we are. Sure, she killed 13 of us in the process but we managed to blacken her eye slightly.

As every intelligented person knows, msuic MUST consist of the following things
1: Lyrics (Classical has none)
2: A beat (Jazz has non)
3: Computer generated sounds (Rock has none

When was the last time Mozart mixed up a beat like Dr. Dre or Beethoven showed us his rapping skills and flow? NEVER! That proves they were not talented. When has Jimi Hendrix ever told us about himself through computer generated beats and not that shitty block of wood that only retarded children listen to.

If you're not a townie and don't listen to Gangsta rap, that means you are a emo which means you must be beaten up and killed for being a miserable bastard.
Straight G fo life nigga!
Cheeky bastards have the nerve to also put Classical, Opera, Jazz, Blues, Swing, Rock, Metal, Country, Reggae, Punk, Alternative and other forms of non-rap or pop are somehow considered music in the eyes of people to old to realise that music has finally been invented.
by Real Gangsta in da House July 12, 2005

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Considered a type of music however unlike music it doesn't involve computer generated beats and even more shockingly, no lyrics about bustin' a whitey's ass with lead!

Classical music has no true emotion behind it. True lyricists like Nelly speak from the heart. Classical doesn't have any lyrics so you don't know what they were thinking when they wrote that filth.

The majority of listeners are old people who refuse to move on because if they heard how good new music was compared to this dribble they would kill themselves because it would undoubtably prove we live in the greatest generation. Classical Music is so old, it was made when John Lennon wasn't a corpse (I know that he is a rock loser but they were all invented at the creation of the universe.)

Everybody knows that Mozart only got famous when he started beefing with the Beethoven man. During their sets, they would get semi-naked girls to dance around on the piano unlike the true artists of today who let their beautiful masterpieces speak for themselves.

Anyone can make classical music.
1: Think of some random notes (Not even beats!)
2: Repeat step 1 six times
3: Invite 25 of ya gang around
4: Give them a violin or trombone or something else (NOT a turntable to be seen!)
5: Give each person a different sheet with random notes
6: Record the result
7: Get some director who is old to play it during their movie.

8 Mile is the best movie ever made and that ended with 'Lose Yourself'. No Classical in that. Only REAL music.

The reason classical is only played during movies nowadays is because:
1: If they played rap, people would focus more on the wicked beats than the plot.
2: All directors are older than 30 because they lived when dinosaurs ate people but unfortunely they lived.
3: Rap artists like 50 cent have too much dignity to let their art be given to shitty films like 'Civtizen Cane'

Classical only used to be popular because it was 'cool' at the time and true music like rap wasn't invented yet.
Emotional music comes from the heart, not from fucking black dots written on a paper with lines.

Classical is boring. When is the last time you saw classical music on MTV or at no.1 in the charts? I rest my case.
NOT music: Ludwig Van Beethoven
Music: 50 cent, Chingy, Nelly, Ludacris, Ja Rule, The Game (Not so much now, since 50 cent is the best and 50 cent hates The Game, that means he sucks, even the old stuff is now crap)
by Real Gangsta in da House July 12, 2005

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A form of 'non-music' theater. Music wasn't invented until 1980 odd with the creation of rap.

Women weren't allowed on stage during Shakesphere times which is when most old people today came from. So all the women in bikinis, riding in the cars in each opera'like you see on MTV were really men! Which means non-heterosexuals enjoy this.

Those creatures on strange pierce the ears of anyone apart from the deaf old people that listen to this. Only old people like opera and all old people are deaf. Coincidence? If they had rap to listen to when they were younger, maybe they would be living normal lives pinpim' thier rides and hoes and shooting one another. Instead of watching castrated gay men. The tennors sing (NOT rap!?!?!) at a high pitched voice which means they are gay and thus disobeying the word of god and therefore it is your duty of moral Catholics to burn them using sticks of fire.

Opera can be distingused by it's lack of turntables, abense of flow and non-gangsta style lyrics. Opera also consisted of very few black people because everyone was racist back then and all the black 'singers' weren't allowed to wear the same pretty hats as the white scum we allow to share our air.

Most Opera tells a FAKE story because it is all a staged play unlike Vanilla Ice who speaks from the street and from the heart. The story is written by an old person that doesn't even know what 'shiznit' means (Yes, some people are that uneducateded.)

This is every Opera song.
That isn't rap! That's just noise! To all you old people who were born before 1970 and saw the big bang happening. Get some real music like Nelly and forget this so-called 'musicial theater' ever existed. Theater is for old, wrinkled art people anyway who don't like girls. Do rappers do theater? No, they do movies because everybody likes 'Cradle 2 the Grave" except my mother but she is dead now.
Opera Fan: @MG! 1 l0\/3 0p3R@. T|-|3rE i5 |\|o R@pP1nG 1|\| 17!
Music Fan: Have you heard of Ludacris?
Opera Fan: ...33rr..y35, h3 15 @ r4....
Music Fan: HA! You haven't even heard of Ludacris! You are such a noob! I bet your a virgin just like you're birth mother!
by Real Gangsta in da House July 11, 2005

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An idiot who likes more than one form of music. Titled because Jennifer Lopez likes rap AND R&B, and she is a whore. Music Whores can be spotted looking at both the rap section AND the pop section at HMV. Not only that but they will claim to have the mental campacity to enjoy both NWA (A shit rap group unlike the Game) and Hilary Duff.
Rap is the only true form of music.

Gawth Prep: "I listen to more than one genre of music because I'm an idiot that is very confused and doesn't know what genre of music I like"
Sane Person: "Bitch! Rap is the ONLY genre of music!"
*Shoots her to death until she dies*
Gawth Prep: "I am also ghey because I listen to classical music. I love Mozart's testicles."
by Real Gangsta in da House July 12, 2005

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MTV is the only thing we true music fans have left nowadays. Music however is being destroyed by 'posers' (A word I don't understand the meaning of but I like to use to insult people I don't like.) I was in a chatroom with my mate, Dave, talking about how wicked that new Chingy video was , yeah. Then this twat told us to get off the Classical music forum and go on the rap forum. I told that fucker straight
"Rap is classic and will always be remembered as the greatest music ever!"
He then asked if I have heard any other genres of music and I said
"No, I'm not a filthy gawth so I only listen to rap music."
He then said that if I was a true music fan I would look into all forms of music before making such a rash judgement, and get this, the cheeky twat even said that other forms of music exists outside of MTV. Of course I said
"If it isn't on MTV, it must be shit because no one likes it" and then he said that MTV was ruining music. MTV IS MUSIC. That is like saying Tony Blair is ruining England. Whoever this 'Jimi Hendrix' and this 'Pink Flyod' chap was, they both must have been shit rappers because I have never seen them on MTV. If you want music, please watch MTV. The rappers on their are creating art. Shit like Mozart only wanted the money so they just vomited out any old bollocks.
MTV is the greatest creation ever to ever be, ever.
by Real Gangsta in da House July 12, 2005

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As we all know after listening to Classical Music, Classic means crap which is a perfect description for this filth.

Classic Rock is a desolate tract of ogerish yobs pluking metal strings attached to blocks of wood and bashing trashcans with sticks while a very feminine castrated man that all sound like Robert 'I hate girls' Plant screams "Whole Lotta Love" and not one mention of smacking ya bitch or pimpin' ya ride is heard.

Go on Launch.com and search for Led Zeppelin and look at the Biography. They invented Metal which everybody hates and they stole all their riffs from other non-rap therefore crap artists. I haven't heard them but anyone that has to steal their music must be totally talentless because rock requires no talent to begin with unlike rap.

Listen to P.Diddy's 'Come With Me'. It has pretty corny lyircs but the beat is incredible and is better than anything Led Zeppelin could steal.

Rap was orginated by black artists unlike rock which Elvis created. Because we are better than you rap is far superior. If you disagree you are a racist and a neo-nazi KKK motherfucker!

My dad made me listen to 'Dark Side of the Moon' by Stink Floud and it only swore once! What a piece of crap! It is no masterpieve like 'Beg for Mercy' I can tell you.

I urge all you are old people living in the past to grow up. Times are changing, get with it, just the revolution. Music is finally good and you're still stuck in the 70s when it sucked!
If you listen to the music carefully, you'll notice, yes it is true, NONE of it is computer generated. It's all guitar crap! Who wants to hear a Satan worshipping drug addict scream about 'I WANT MA DRUGGGSSSS, GIMMMEEEE MYYY DRRUGGGSSS!'
by Real Gangsta in da House July 11, 2005

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