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In 500 years time. We will have forgotten about the filth that Mozart and Beethoven puked up and instead future generations will finally be able to appreciate good music such Nelly, Chingy, Benzino and the almighty 50 CENT (Praise his name foolish mortals)

Morzart was so crap, he didn't even earn a lot of money. He died poor and in an unmarked grave. 50 cent is rich because he had the talent to make GOOD music so he has made a lot of money.

Old Classical will be retitled 'shit and rap will be titled 'Classical' to show future generations of its greatness. It will be the term to achknowledge the greatest time in music when MTV (which is to true music lovers what Jesus is to true Christians) was playing phat beats every day and rap was the norm. Rap is truely the only true form of music and requires the most talent. Let's see the likes of Mozart try an mix a repetive, electronic beat the way Eminem can.

Rap will truely be recognised as a defining moment in music when classical, jazz, blues, rock and choir and other bullshit will be forgotten.
Old classical music doesn't even have any lyrics let alone swear words! Stay far away from that shit and watch MTV. MTV doesn't play shit like classical or jazz because MTV is god and we must obey it's wisdom.
by Real Gangsta in da House July 12, 2005
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Before Metallica hit their prime to Loaded, Reloaded and St. Anger. They did some four demo recordings entitled Kill 'em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and ...And Justice for All. They also did the self entitled Metallica album, or more commonly referred to as the black album. With the release of this album, music critics could see that the band was destined to be so much greater and improved greatly from their days as a garage band.

Most fans don't like the new Metallica because they're upset that their precious underground band has finally become good enough to be enjoyed by more people than just the people who pretended to like it so they can say they liked a band no one had heard of. New Metallica is more Nu-Metal than Thrash Metal and Nu-Metal usually has more of a rap influence than regular metal making it a huge improvement.
"I'm madly in anger with you."
Those lyrics mean so much to me.
by Real Gangsta in da House July 16, 2005
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MTV is the only thing we true music fans have left nowadays. Music however is being destroyed by 'posers' (A word I don't understand the meaning of but I like to use to insult people I don't like.) I was in a chatroom with my mate, Dave, talking about how wicked that new Chingy video was , yeah. Then this twat told us to get off the Classical music forum and go on the rap forum. I told that fucker straight
"Rap is classic and will always be remembered as the greatest music ever!"
He then asked if I have heard any other genres of music and I said
"No, I'm not a filthy gawth so I only listen to rap music."
He then said that if I was a true music fan I would look into all forms of music before making such a rash judgement, and get this, the cheeky twat even said that other forms of music exists outside of MTV. Of course I said
"If it isn't on MTV, it must be shit because no one likes it" and then he said that MTV was ruining music. MTV IS MUSIC. That is like saying Tony Blair is ruining England. Whoever this 'Jimi Hendrix' and this 'Pink Flyod' chap was, they both must have been shit rappers because I have never seen them on MTV. If you want music, please watch MTV. The rappers on their are creating art. Shit like Mozart only wanted the money so they just vomited out any old bollocks.
MTV is the greatest creation ever to ever be, ever.
by Real Gangsta in da House July 12, 2005
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An idiot who likes more than one form of music. Titled because Jennifer Lopez likes rap AND R&B, and she is a whore. Music Whores can be spotted looking at both the rap section AND the pop section at HMV. Not only that but they will claim to have the mental campacity to enjoy both NWA (A shit rap group unlike the Game) and Hilary Duff.
Rap is the only true form of music.

Gawth Prep: "I listen to more than one genre of music because I'm an idiot that is very confused and doesn't know what genre of music I like"
Sane Person: "Bitch! Rap is the ONLY genre of music!"
*Shoots her to death until she dies*
Gawth Prep: "I am also ghey because I listen to classical music. I love Mozart's testicles."
by Real Gangsta in da House July 12, 2005
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Jesus' fangirls.

Like most fangirls, they devote their lives to worshipping thier fictional lover.
OMG TI5 J3SUS! ^_^ I Luv U, I Wr0te A Ya01 fA|\|fIc aB0ut U!!1!!11! MaRRy mE U seXy b1TcH.
by Real Gangsta in da House July 16, 2005
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