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A casual, brief greeting used regardless of sex.
Guy 1: Hey, what's up man?

Guy 2: Nothing much man.
by Ready-Liver May 07, 2009
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A person who makes "That's what she said jokes," to their own comments. Usually a real fucking wetard.
Guy 1: So how was the hike over here?

Guy 2: It was long and hard... That's what she said.

Guy 1: Mang, you're a fuklin!
by Ready-Liver May 08, 2009
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The place in the world where everything's bigger.
I moved to Texas and my penis got bigger.
by Ready-Liver November 07, 2009
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The magical horse with a penis on its head instead of a horn, distant relative of the unicorn.
Guy: I saw a penicorn today. I rubbed its horn three time sbut it didn't give me any magical wishes, but it did give me some magical goo. I used it as a substitute for mayonnaise I made for my parents.
by Ready-Liver July 05, 2009
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A common quick comeback after being burned. It usually involves some restatement of the harasser's previous statement and is either used as a prefix or suffix of a sentence. 'Your mom" may also have additional burns added to it to make it seem more creative, but really it's just not.
Harasser: Man, you're car is real piece of shit.

Guy: Your mom was a piece of shit last night.
by Ready-Liver May 08, 2009
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Finger used primarily for puling the trigger of a gun. Usually, this finger is one's index finger. Through much practice the trigger finer can be used for several other things as well though.

1) Intense peace signs.

2) Intensely pointing at people.

3) Poking people in the face really hard.

4) Poking people in the nose really hard.

5) Directing traffic back and forward.

6) Fingering your girlfriend. (Guys)

7) Fingering yourself. (Girls.)

8) Fingering your girlfriend. (Lesbians)

9) Fingering yourself. (Shemales)

As you can see, your trigger finger can be a vital part to several functions in necessary to your normal daily functions.
"I pulled my trigger finger out on my girl and it was a sensational orgasm. I'll have to use it more often now. :)"
by Ready-Liver July 05, 2009
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The singular form for a pornographic magazine.
'Ey man, can you pass me my nudey?
by Ready-Liver May 08, 2009
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