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That guy who is able to cut in line at Starbucks without anyone noticing until it is too late.
That guy just walked in and already has his coffee, he is a Starbucks Ninja!
by Ranger Mike March 31, 2009

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Someone straps a dildo to their head and has their partner lay on the bed spread eagle. Then they climb up on the dresser and jump towards the person on the bed aiming for the vagina/butt hole.....plan a trip to the hospital
After he landed the flying rhino they never saw that dildo again.
by Ranger Mike April 12, 2009

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n. Someone decked out in diamonds
Lil Jon looks like a walking glacier he is so decked out in ice.
by Ranger Mike April 01, 2009

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Busting huge airs whilst engaging in the act of surfing.
Corey Lopez throws down mad punts every time he gets in the lineup.
by Ranger Mike March 31, 2009

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